21 Bold, Funky Chairs That Will Add Personality To Any Room

21 Bold, Funky Chairs That Will Add Personality To Any Room

If your house feels more Ikea showroom than an authentic home, consider adding a funky occasional chair to liven things up.
Finsbury Chair

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If your house feels more Ikea showroom than an authentic home, consider adding a funky occasional chair to liven things up.

We’ve all seen those straight-from-the-catalogue rooms. The ones that are tastefully decorated, white-walled and 100% functional, but somehow…soulless.

Isn’t it wonderful to enter a home and immediately get a sense of the people who live there? The colours we choose, chairs we sit on and the ornaments and fabrics that delight us all play a part in creating a home that reflects our unique personality.

Not everyone is a chic minimalist. The trends our Instagram feeds subject us to are exactly that – trends. It’s easy to get swept up in the latest look but you could end up frittering away your hard-earned cash on fashionable furniture that dates quickly and doesn’t reflect who you are.

For a house to feel like a home it must be tailored to you.

Whether you’re starting with a blank canvas or looking for a final statement piece to bring everything together, an unusually shaped chair is probably on your list.

Here’s our curated list of 21 quirky chairs for your living room, dining room or boudoir.

Funky Lounge Chairs

A comfortable but funky armchair is a lovely addition to a bedroom. It’s a quiet nook you can retreat to with a book and cuppa, or a flick through one of your favourite design magazines. The bedroom is the most personal room in the house. It’s your private space, and the furniture should make you feel like you’re entering comforting sanctuary where daily cares melt away.

Sink into one of these funky bedroom chairs and feel the weight of the world gently ease…

1. The Hawksmore Chair

An elegant looking chair with a sprung fixed back and slim arms.

Don’t you want to sink into that squishy feather and down seat cushion? The tapered legs add to the simple design of this comfortable chair.

If you’re an ocean soul you’ll love the geometric design, ‘Cove’ – created to depict choppy waves flurrying before the wind. Whatever your personality, The Hawksmoor Chair comes in many colour choices and prints, helping you create a quirky bespoke chair for your bedroom.

2. The Egg Chair

Arne Jacobson’s Egg Chair is the gold standard of mid-century modern design. Designed in 1958 for the SAS Royal Copenhagen Hotel in Denmark, the Egg Chair caused a stir.

A copycat of this quirky egg chair will cost over £6,000. Why are Egg Chairs so expensive? Because they’re difficult to make, materials are costly and the demand is high.

However, when people think of an ‘egg chair’ Arne Jacobson’s design probably isn’t the first that springs to mind…

3. The Egg Chair (No, That’s Not A Mistake!)

Yes, there are two ‘egg’ chairs.

Technically, Arne Jacobson’s chair is the original.

However, Henrik Thor-Larsen’s Ovalia Egg Chair became a pop-culture icon during the seventies for its indisputably egg-like shape. Groovy and futuristic, it also took a starring role in The Men In Black films. It’s become so popular that you can even buy an Aldi egg chair for your garden.

This unusually shaped chair costs less than the original Egg Chair but still is still an investment piece, with replicas costing thousands of pounds.

4. The Liberty Chair

A funky armchair for those with a taste for the flamboyant!

This quality chair is upholstered in a stunning Liberty 100% linen fabric. The delicate design, Zennor Arbour was created in the Liberty Fabrics design studio, formed from original pencil sketches of flowers that build into a widely branching rose tree. It’s truly beautiful.

The chair is shown here in colour ‘Lapis” with Walnut finish legs and a chrome castor.

5. Retro Chair

Striking and comfortable, the Retro chair cheerfully turns back time instead of following trends

This quality chair is upholstered in a soft printed velvet. The bold design, Nympheus by GP & J Baker is a lovely choice in a good selection of colours to work within any room scheme. The chair is shown here in colour ‘Charcoal’ with a Walnut finish to the arm and legs, but you can design a bespoke version in any finish you choose.

6. Cavendish Armchair

Cavendish Armchair

If Sherlock Holmes was a chair!

Richly upholstered, with a polished carved ball and claw wood legs, The Cavendish is a funky lounge chair for those who appreciated the finer things in life.

Retire in peace at the end of a long day, perfectly hidden from the family by the Cavedish’s high sprung back and modest wings.

7. Coltbridge Wing Chair.

Coltbridge Wing Chair

Smart and chic in silvery snake print, could a quirky bedroom chair be any cooler?

The stylish Coltbridge will dazzle in a contemporary, monochromatic colour scheme or clash beautifully in a traditional setting. Grab a matching footstool to really stamp your personality!

8. The Elise Chair

Elise Chair

On the other hand why silver when you can have gold?

A quirky chair doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort. Our Elise chair comes with coil and tension sprung seat with a duck and feather and down seat and back cushion for maximum lounging.

9. Finsbury Chair

Finsbury Chair

Possibly the funkiest, quirkiest patterned chair we offer!

We’ll let that bold pattern speak for itself.

10. Fireside Chair

Fireside Chair

If you’re a vintage lover, snuggle up in our antique inspired Fireside Chair. We can see this quirky occasional chair at home in a shabby chic boudoir or leafy conservatory – preferably with a cat curled up on it!

Designed from an original antique chair, and with a modern coil sprung seat, you can cuddle up and watch the trends whizz by, safe in the knowledge that the Fireside Chair’s vintage charm will never go out of style.

11. Mae West Lips Sofa

Surrealist artist Salvador Dalì famously reimagined Hollywood icon Mae West’s face as a living room in 1935. Her seductive, scarlet smile took centre stage as a truly weird sofa, fringed with black pelmets which co-designer Edward James intended to evoke a bullfighter’s costume. The original currently resides at the V&A Museum in London but you can find a lookalike on 1stdibs. The lips come in a rainbow of shades so you can find your perfect pout! For a funky lounge chair, trust Salvador Dalì to come to the rescue.

12. Howard Armchair

Howard Armchair

Beauty and comfort personified in one funky chair. The Howard style has a noble pedigree and is built to last. Stripes give a laid-back beachy vibe, plush velvet cocoons you in indulgence and beautiful brocade adds a dash of class. The fabric is up to you – your life, your chair!

13. Kendal Wing Chair

Kendal Wing Chair

If you want a weird chair the devil is the detail. Kendal’s claw and ball feet bring a dainty ferocity to gold, bold brocade.

This elegant tall chair is based on an original antique with added lumber support. Recline like a feline with Qualofil fibre seat cushion as standard.

14. The Leslie Chair

Leslie cuts a dash with its elegant arm cut-outs and sleek, modern silhouette. Suited to bright, minimal contemporary homes, make Leslie your own with our bespoke chair service.

It’s an unusual shaped chair that’s bound to make a lasting impression.

15. Ruskin Chair

Ruskin Chair

Sweet Ruskin, personality doesn’t equal loud and bold!

Personality is unique. Our quirky chair for quiet souls, reflective introverts will love curling up to ponder or read on Ruskin’s generously plump cushion

Quirky Dining Chairs That Entertain

Give guests a glimpse of your personality with these quirky dining chairs.

16. Millipede Bar Stool

Forget traditional dining chairs – the Millipede Bar Stool is a weird chair that’s part bug part cyberpunk.

Inspired by The Matrix films, designer Michael Samorie’s funky chair comes in two colourways: striking monochrome and futuristic blue on icy white. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a copycat version, this chair is just too weird.

17. The Scafell Carver

Go Gothic with Scafell Carver in a spooky, velvet forest print. Spindly, black legs and slightly curved arms evoke dark, Nordic nights making this quirky dining chair perfect for sophisticated midnight dinner parties.

18. Eclipse Bar Stool

Evoke elegant, sunlit orangeries with this beautifully quirky bar stool. The polished tapered legs and stretchers with a chrome footrest and hand studding above the legs is a lovely feature.

A stylish, funky dining chair that will add grace to any breakfast bar.

Add Flair With An Occasional Chair

These funky occasional chairs will make an impression and add instant personality to any room. Most importantly, they’ll inject a room with your personality. At The Original Chair Company you can choose from any fabric in our vast library and customise everything – even the castors.

19. Bloom

Feel like a fairy nestled within a giant flower in this quirky swivel chair.

Inspired by a blossom gently folding open, Bloom is handmade in micro fibre stitched over a fiberglass-reinforced top and sprouts from a revolving base made of steel.

Take your love for florals to another level in this funky, flower chair designed by Filipino furniture designer Kenneth Cobonpue.

20. Louis Chair

Louis Chair

Bold, bright Louis is impossible to ignore. The Mick Jagger of chairs, it takes centre stage for quirky chairs in velvet magenta – the rockstar of funky chairs!

If you can come up with a snazzier design, be our guest!

We hope our list of quirky chairs has inspired you to take more creative risks in your living space. For high-quality, British made funky chairs that stand the test of time, browse our online showroom.

Reclaim your personality and create the bespoke, funky chair of your dreams today!

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