Your Ultimate Guide To Buying A Velvet Sofa

Your Ultimate Guide To Buying A Velvet Sofa

Guilford Buttoned Sofa

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Soft, sumptuous, and effortlessly stylish, velvet brings a regal look to your home. Once thought of as impractical and only seen in stately homes, velvet sofas have made a comeback. It’s a common myth that velvet is hard to maintain or unsuitable for modern homes — we think velvet’s lavishness is an everyday luxury! With a range of sofa styles and colours to choose from, there’s a velvet sofa to suit every room scheme.

Our ultimate guide will help you find a velvet sofa that’s right for you, with styling tips and velvet accessories thrown in for good measure. Velvet is synonymous with decadence, after all!

luxurious mohair velvet Rose Uniacke

Why should I buy a velvet sofa?

There are many reasons to choose velvet over other upholstery. The most obvious is velvet’s gorgeously tactile feel — just try to resist running your hand along its lavishly plush surface! This super soft material type makes an inviting spot to curl up on at the end of the day. It’s also snag-free due to the lack of raised weave. Velvet’s flat pile prevents pets from catching their claws on loose threads and pet hair is easier to remove.

Velvet is surprisingly practical and durable. Stains are easy to remove if you act quickly because, unlike other fabrics, spills don’t sink as deep. It’s less likely to crush or fade, meaning you can keep a velvet sofa for many years without signs of wear. A gentle weekly brush will maintain the pile’s texture and keep your velvet sofa looking its best.

Open Armchair Buttoned Back in Osborne & Little Encore Velvet

Choosing the right velvet sofa

Unsure whether velvet suits your lifestyle? Fortunately, there is a range of sofa styles to choose from. At The Original Chair Company, we’re experts in fine upholstery and interior decorating, with a range of bespoke furniture handcrafted by artisans. Velvet is one of our specialties!

Consider your lifestyle. Do you need a big family sofa or will a 2 seater do? Will your velvet sofa be the dramatic centre piece your living room needs or is it for everyday comfort? Grey upholstery for example, while still decadent in texture, will lend a neutral atmosphere while emerald green creates impact.

There are a number of types of velvet that can be used on furniture, including:

  • Mohair Velvet
  • Linen Velvet
  • Cotton Velvet
  • Cotton Polyester Mix Velvet
  • Polyester Velvet

Each type of velvet offers a different amount of pile, texture and price point. The more luxurious mohair, linen and cotton velvets tend to have a lower durability than those with synthetic fibres, and therefore require more maintenance and care.

Some of the polyester varieties of velvet are “almost indestructible” and are the preferred choice for those looking for a velvet appearance, without the upkeep. Cotton velvets are another great option here, as modern blends can be extremely durable if purchased from a reputable crafter, and are often used in the contract market hotels, offering a luxurious feel with the ability to be easily maintained.

2 Seater Velvet Sofas

A plush 2 seater bestows bijou luxury on small rooms. Space-saving without sacrificing elegance or comfort, they work well in any living space or boudoir room. For larger rooms a 2 seater can add a striking contrast to existing furniture.

Browse our range of 2 seater sofas.

Minster Knole Sofa

3 Seater Velvet Sofas

For those will more room, a 3 seater will give you ample to lounge. A 3 seater in a neutral shade is a great choice if you want a touch of decadence without overwhelming the room. Of course, you could go all out in a vibrant jewel tone! Snuggle up with pets and the family and discover the luxurious every day.

Find a 3 seater sofa to suit your family.

4 Seater Velvet Sofas

Now here’s a showstopper. Perfect for guests and family gatherings, though visitors might struggle to tear themselves away from the plush comfort! With its sizeable dimensions, you’ll feel like royalty taking a nap in the lap of luxury.

Discover our 4 seater range.

Velvet Corner Sofas

Corner sofas are a great option for those looking to fit more people while saving space. With L-shaped dimensions, a corner sofa tucks neatly into your living space. There’s also space to stretch out your legs for an afternoon cat nap.

Browse our corner sofas.

Velvet Armchairs

Velvet armchairs make comfortable companions to a reading nook with plush upholstery that envelops bookworms. A wingback style makes for throne-like luxury! Upholster in a bold colour to add an opulent accent to a living space or boudoir.

Sink into our velvet armchairs.

Elise Armchair in GP & J Baker House Velvet Eucalyptus

More luxurious velvet options at The Original Chair Company

Why stop at a sofa? Velvet footstools and ottomans stylishly complement armchairs and sofas. Plus, they’re a practical place to rest weary feet.

No boudoir is complete without a decadent velvet headboard. A velvet chaise at the foot of the bed, velvet throw, and scatter cushions add further opulence.

Bar stools or dining chairs upholstered in velvet add chic sophistication to your dining room or area. They offer much more comfort than wood dining chairs!

Velvet sofa styles and colour options

Velvet sofas come in all types of styles and colours. Our fabric library lets you choose from a range of colours depending on your taste and budget. It’s so easy to get the look you want with bespoke options!

However, if choice overwhelms you here are some pointers:

Classic Velvet Sofas

Inspired by the past and timeless looks? Choosing a sofa in a classic style and neutral colours will help you feel at home for years to come. Try a Chesterfield in warm, earthy tones. Olive can also look natural and unobtrusive when styled with neutral tones.

Shop Chesterfields.

Chesterfield Sofa

Teal Velvet Sofa

For the bold, a teal velvet sofa is top of the wishlist. Other jewel tones include emerald, sapphire, amethyst, and ruby. Rich tones add charisma and personality to a room. Pair with a Minster Knole or Wingback Chair for an opulent statement piece.

Shop Wingback Chairs.

Neutral Toned Velvet Sofa

Monochrome and minimal are the hallmarks of sleek modern style. Neutral tones like oatmeal, gold, ivory, stone and soft grey’s are on every minimalist’s wishlist and with so many shades available, it’s easy to inject your personality into velvet sofas. Not everyone wants a flamingo pink sofa! If your style leans cool and elegant, our Fabric Studio contains a variety of neutral shades to suit any room décor.

White sofas also provide a stunning addition to rooms and with some regular dry cleaning from a local upholstery cleaning can be maintained perfectly.

Browse our fabrics.

Are velvet sofas hard to keep clean?

It’s a mystery why velvet sofas have a reputation for being tough to clean. 10 minutes of gentle maintenance per week is all you need to keep your velvet sofa looking good as new.

A word of caution. Don’t be tempted to use chemicals on your luxurious velvet sofa. Instead, contact a professional upholstery cleaning company who will be able to provide you with an expert job, without risk of damaging the fabric.

There are some simple, at home tips you can use to keep your velvet sofa looking its best. Read our velvet fabric care guide for tips on maintaining your sofa’s lustre:

Brush the pile

Use a soft bristle brush once per week to restore your sofa’s touchable, soft texture.


Once a week, hoover your sofa with the brush attachment to remove dust, pet hair, or crumbs.

Velvet Sofa FAQs

If you’re still unsure whether a velvet sofa is right for you, these customer questions might put your mind at rest. In our opinion, the price, durability, and customisable nature of velvet sofas make them timeless pieces of furniture. They really bring a slice of luxury into your home and you’ll probably wonder why you didn’t take the plunge sooner!

We’d be delighted to talk through sofa options with you, or visit our Perth showroom to feel the irresistible decadence of velvet for yourself!

Guilford Buttoned Sofa

How durable is a velvet couch?

Traditional velvet and crushed velvet are extremely durable. Despite its softness, velvet is a hard-wearing fabric and stands up daily use. With weekly spot cleaning and a gentle hoover, your velvet sofa should endure for many years without losing any of its gorgeous sheen and lush texture.

To get the most wear out of your sofa though, you should bear a few things in mind. Firstly, never use chemicals on your velvet sofa when cleaning, as harsh chemicals will ravage the silky texture. Always use soft brushes for the same reason. Secondly, keep your velvet sofa out of direct sunlight if possible. Like all materials, velvet’s bold colours can fade in harsh sunlight. Preserve velvet’s vibrancy by placing it in the shade.

To ensure your sofa it well maintained, use a professional upholstery cleaning company every 6 months or as required, as they will have the correct products and materials for velvet, making sure no damage is done to the fabric.

Do velvet sofas get dusty?

If you follow the gentle cleaning tips above, you shouldn’t have to worry about dust accumulating on your velvet sofa.

Can you have a velvet sofa with kids?

Yes! Caring for a velvet sofa when you have children is absolutely possible. Thanks to velvet’s dense top layer spills don’t sink all the way through the fabric, unlike linen. This gives you time to grab a damp, absorbant cloth and gently spot clean.

Not only are velvet sofas family-friendly, but they’re also pet-friendly too. Let’s admit, no cat can resist the lure of velvet and the dogs always end up on the sofa despite house rules. Luckily, velvet’s lack of loose fibres prevents claws and nails from catching and tearing the fabric.

We do recommend synthetic velvet over cotton if you have small children and pets because it’s slightly easier to clean and doesn’t fade as quickly in direct sunlight.

Are velvet sofas still fashionable?

Thanks to the Millennial generation, velvet sofas have surged in popularity as an affordable home luxury. Yet the enduring appeal of velvet sofas has lasted for centuries. Linked to nobility, velvet flourished in Europe during the Renaissance period thanks to advancements in the textile industry. While interior design styles come and go, velvet is a timeless classic that adds sophistication and charm to anyone’s home. The sheer range of styles and colour options alone prevents velvet sofas from becoming tired or outdated.

We hope our ultimate guide to velvet sofas and armchairs helped you narrow down a statement piece for your lounge or boudoir you make a choice. Our team is always happy to chat if you need more information. Or simply browse our extensive range online to turn your wish-list sofa into a reality.

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