Add a touch of class with an Oxford Sofa

Add a touch of class with an Oxford Sofa

Our Oxford sofa is a chic take on the classic Chesterfield sofa, taking it from Victorian gentleman’s club to modern lady of the manor.

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Our Oxford Sofa is a chic take on the classic Chesterfield sofa, taking it from Victorian gentleman’s club to modern lady of the manor.

Our traditionally made Oxford Sofa features a coil sprung seat and hollofibre seat cushions for supreme comfort.

The Oxford sits proud on polished tapered wood legs and is also available with a valanced base.

It’s minimal, elegant, and oh-so comfortable.

Don’t you just want to sink into the plump down cushions? Every Oxford sofa comes with duck feather & down back cushions and duck feather & down side cushions as standard so you can luxuriate in comfort.

Choose from an Oxford 2 seater or 3 seater, depending on how many guests you plan on showing off your custom sofa to (or how much legroom you want to yourself!).

The Oxford Chesterfield Sofa – a rich history.

Chesterfield Sofa

What images does a Chesterfield sofa conjure for you?

The hallowed library of a pipe smoking professor? Winston Churchill taking port in his private study? A psychoanalyst’s couch in 20th century Vienna?

The Chesterfield sofa has a long association with famous politicians, academics and intellectuals. Being the sofa of choice for Europe’s famous thinkers, a Chesterfield sofa will add weight and character to any room.

Our Oxford sofa version dates to the Victorian era, when many upholstery innovations were pioneered for the first time, but the original Chesterfield has been in existence for 300 years.

Though a ‘chesterfield’ once referred to any sofa-like piece of furniture, the original design is often credited to the 4th Earl of Chesterfield. The Earl required a sofa fit for a gentleman, the main stipulation being that the fabric didn’t wrinkle his immaculate clothes!

The original Chesterfield sofa design is characterised by a low back and low, scroll-like arms. The deep buttoning and glossy leather in chestnut brown or bottle green are perhaps the defining traits of a Chesterfield sofa. The Earl’s request for deep buttoning went beyond looks – they were designed to be hard and uncomfortable to get rid of unwanted guests.

Many modern designs come without buttoning for a sleek, streamlined look but don’t fret if you still covet the classic look – the buttons of today’s Chesterfields take contemporary comfort into account!

The versatility, sturdy build and characterful nature of the Chesterfield sofa has ensured its popularity for centuries.

Chesterfield Footstool

Since the Earl of Chesterfield’s original request there have been many variations on the original Chesterfield design, Belgravia, Oxford and Regent are just some of the modern twists on the classic Chesterfield sofa.

By the 19th century the Chesterfield sofa was popular in the stately homes of wealthy Victorians and became a mainstay of gentleman’s clubs, where the prominent men of the day would socialise, smoke and discuss the political sensibilities of the times.

Sigmund Freud is perhaps the Chesterfield sofa’s most famous fan. He helped bring this Victorian icon into modern living by making it key to his pioneering psychoanalysis. Freud would ask his patients to lie down on his spacious Chesterfield couch because it provided a safe and comfortable space for them to openly talk about their deepest troubles.

For this reason, the Chesterfield sofa has become associated with psychoanalysis and is still used by therapists today— a testament to its enduring comfort.

Freud’s grandson, the famous 20th century artist Lucian Freud, immortalised his grandfather’s famous couch in some of his paintings. In fact, some of Freud’s best work features his subjects reposing on an old Chesterfield sofa in his studio.

Bella and Esther, (1988) depicts the artist’s daughters lounging on an embossed, chestnut leather Chesterfield.

Today, the Chesterfield sofa’s enduring appeal finds it dominating the lobbies of luxury hotels, mansions and public buildings. Quirky upgrades have even made it popular with spirited bohemians who choose the Oxford Chesterfield sofa as a stylish centrepiece for their art studios.

Synonymous with luxury and quality, a Chesterfield brings a touch of class and British-made quality wherever it goes, from glamorous cocktail bars to luxury interior design.

Make your mark on a classic British sofa

Mayfair Deep Buttoned Back Chesterfield Sofa

Today there are an array of Oxford sofa companies.

At The Original Chair Company we honour the beloved character of the antique Oxford Chesterfield sofa while adding a contemporary twist. Our 2 seater and 3 seater Oxford sofa provides supreme comfort with coil springs and generous cushioning for a timeless feel.

With our bespoke upholstering service you can customise your Oxford sofa in a range of fabrics to suit your personal taste.

Choose from a variety of styling options and finishes:

Wood finish: All Original Chair Company pieces are crafted from the finest quality wood. We know it’s the small details that bring a room to life. That’s why you can choose a finish and colour suited to your vision.

Legs: Customise your Oxford sofa’s legs to suit your preferences. Our experts are happy to advise in which leg styles are best suited to the period that inspires you.

Castors: Every element of our bespoke upholstered furniture is customisable, down to the castors. Choose your preferred finish and style or seek advice from our experts.

Fixed or cushioned back: Personalise your Oxford Sofa with custom cushion options. Whether you find plumping cushions therapeutic or prefer a practical, fixed back, we can cater to your lifestyle.

If you’re a traditionalist at heart, we also curate a limited range of beautiful antiques, including restored chairs and sofas so you can find those lavish extra details for your chosen interior. Our antiques are treated with respect and care by our artisans, who lovingly restore each piece to the highest standard.

British-made and built to last – find the perfect piece for your interior design project.

Oxford Sofa
DEPTH76cm – 95cm
WIDTH181cm – 210cm
STYLECushion Back, Cushion Seat

Please note: the price shown does not include the cost of your chosen fabric.

How to Style Your Custom Oxford Sofa

An Oxford 3 seater commands attention in any room. And in 2021 you’re not limited to stereotypical brown leather, reminiscent of brandy sipping gentlemen.

The Original Chair Company can customise your Oxford sofa to suit your taste. Go bold and bright, vintage or modern. An Oxford sofa is generous canvas where you can dare to be ambitious. Opulent velvet? Candy stripes? It’s up to you.

An Oxford Chesterfield sofa can add a masculine edge to a feminine room. Opting for inky blue or black upholstery can transform your interior from girly to glamourous.

And if you’re really stuck for how to style your Oxford 2 seater, you could take style tips from Her Majesty, Queen Victoria who bedecked the Chesterfields in the drawing room of Balmoral Castle in tartan. Speaking as a bespoke sofa company based in Scotland, we wholly approve of this bold decision!

And why not go the extra mile with one of our matching footstools? We’re certain Queen Victoria would be most amused.

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