Our New Seat Cushion Inners

Our New Seat Cushion Inners

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We have samples of all the seat cushions at our showroom to try, and certain models of furniture suit particular cushions. Here is a guide to help you choose your new cushions for your new furniture, re-upholstered pieces or simply upgrading your existing sofa.

Duck Feather and Down

Luxurious soft sit, the softest sit we offer. Cushions require daily plumping and weekly turning.

Hollow Fibre

A firmer sit than feather, cushions require weekly turning and plumping.

Soft foam

A very soft and bouncy cushion with a more tailored finish. A good alternative to feather, requires less maintenance with only weekly turning required. 


A large piece of foam surrounded by a pocket of feather on the top and bottom. Gives some of the feel of feather but firmer sit and without the constant maintenance.


A large piece of foam surrounded by a Hollow Fibre wrap. Gives a firmer sit than Featherlux with a smoother look. Although plumping still recommended, requires the least maintenance. 

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