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Reveal your true personality and create a sense of home with bespoke furniture and interiors designed by our expert team.

Bespoke Interior Designers Based in the UK

Sophisticated and timeless design is at the heart of the The Original Chair Company. We craft custom upholstered furniture for creative people who want elegant, lived-in homes that reflect their individual style and personality.

We believe that every inch of a home should be functional, beautiful and tell a story about the person who lives there. That’s why we also supply curtains and blinds, luxury wallpaper, soft furnishings such as large feather-filled scatter cushions and rugs in natural materials like wood and sisal to help make your home as unique as you are.

Whether you’re reimagining a sitting room or bedroom, are halfway through renovations or working with a blank canvas, our interior design services and fully customisable signature pieces can help you weave a story into every room.

“Every room is like a painted canvas, it has to tell a story,”
– Kit Kemp.

The Room Scheme Project

Maybe there’s a room in your house that isn’t speaking to you yet. Or its puzzling proportions put you off decorating. You might know what you want but not how to achieve it.

Creating a cohesive, harmonious room you want to spend time in takes skill and thought, and there’s always the fear of making expensive mistakes.

That’s where we can help.

The Room Scheme Project is our latest triumph at The Original Chair Company. It’s our intuitive, in-depth interior design service, and you get free access when you buy our bespoke upholstered furniture or fabric.

We want to help you create a beautiful room that will sit comfortably in your home for many years.

Our design team have an expert knowledge of space, the importance of lighting for mood and how to layer colours, patterns and textiles. We’ll evaluate your living space and create a sophisticated and cohesive room scheme centred around your unique lifestyle, personality, and taste.

We also pride ourselves on finding unique ways to incorporate your treasured items – from antique pieces of furniture to architecturally inspired contemporary pieces.

By encompassing all soft furnishings, blinds and curtains we will ensure a timeless finish for your room.

Choose Elegant Simplicity With Our Interior Design Services

Each project is personal. We’ll listen to your vision and help turn your passions and personal history into beautiful, stylish rooms that sit comfortably in your home for many years to come.

Translating ideas into reality can be daunting. Our intuitive understanding of space and colour will guide you through the process of creating a beautiful bedroom or lounge as part of your home renovation.

Take creative freedom by browsing hundreds of premium fabrics from premium brands in our fabric library. Choose from pure linen, sumptuous velvet and timeless leather. Mulberry, Morris & Co and Ralph Lauren are some of our favourites to work into a room scheme.

We also recommend designing in stages so that your room grows organically in time. You may only need wallpaper suggestions to go alongside your custom-made chair, but if you need a complete overhaul we’re here to make the process simple and stress-free.

Sofas That Tell Stories

Can sofas tell stories? We believe that every object in a room says something about the person who lives in it.

You cherish your favourite chair because it reminds you of the beloved grandparent it once belonged to. An old sofa that’s survived many moves is hard to let go because it’s become a symbol of life’s important chapters.

Our bespoke furniture takes inspiration from the people who sit on them. Sofas and chairs are hand-crafted from sturdy wood and upholstered in a luxury fabric and finish that reflect your tastes and personal style.

Sometimes all a room needs is one focal point to bring a sense of sophistication and character. Let us take inspiration from treasured memories to create beautifully bespoke furniture that speaks to you and is built to last.

Browse our wide range of custom pieces including everything from living room chairs to headboards at our showroom in Perth.

Invest In The Best

Imagine your perfect chair or sofa, lovingly handcrafted in the UK using traditional stitching techniques and building methods. Imagine knowledgeable designers upholstering your dream furniture in any decadent fabric you choose.

Once you’ve experienced this level of luxury and creative freedom it’s impossible to settle for less. Picture the delight of sinking into a sumptuous, feather and down filled Howard sofa, or curling up with a book in a stylish wing chair.

Custom built upholstered chairs, sofas and footstools can become family heirlooms that pass through the generations. If you’re looking for something timeless our design team can help create a bespoke piece that you’ll cherish forever.

interior design antique pink table

Add Character To Your Room With Antiques

Nothing invites conversation like an intriguing antique.

Antiques bring a sense of nostalgia and character to any space. They often hold special sentimental value and are imbued with layers of history, which makes for an unusual conversation starter.

A special heirloom piece that’s been in your family for decades could be the centrepiece that brings everything together. Our team are specialists in upholstering antique furniture and can restore your beloved heirloom to its former glory.

We use traditional upholstery techniques to preserve furnishings and install new, high-quality fabrics to breathe fresh life into your antique. Antiques hold great sentimental value; therefore, our expert artisans will handle your heirloom piece with the utmost care and skill. We’re often asked to re-upholster original Howard & Sons antique armchairs so you can trust us with your beloved pieces.

We can also help you source hard-to-find antiques to add unique character to your living space. You can also browse our limited supply of restored chairs and sofas in person or online.

Interior Design Services For Commercial Properties

Large corporations, hotels and restaurants across Scotland and the UK trust our interior design services for insights into creating elegant, refined spaces.

We design everything from exclusive private dining rooms to cosy reception areas. Our keen eye for detail and intimate knowledge of what makes a space inviting will make guests feel at home and eager to return from the moment they cross the threshold.

If you’re a London based designer our team would be happy to act in a supporting role.

interior design example of large table

Our Expertise

The Original Chair Company was founded in 2006 by Kate MacKenzie.

Since then, Kate and her design team have established a reputation for luxury bespoke upholstery and tasteful interior decoration. Renowned for quality craftsmanship and passionate about classic design, you can trust us to translate your creative vision into a sophisticated, unique living space.

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