Decorating your Home in 2023

Decorating your Home in 2023

Elegant Lounge Scheme by William Yeoward

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How we think of decorating our homes now

We are thinking more than ever about how we use, inhabit and enjoy our homes when decorating. Post Covid has resulted in more of us becoming interested in home décor, DIY or using a professional to help with interior design. Therefore, this has meant that shopping online has become more popular than ever before, even with high priced items. Our items require customers to have a certain amount of faith in our quality of product and service. Our reviews will pay reference to that and we always strive to make our clients feel confident in making their purchase. 

Quality products and service

We monitor where our customers are coming from and whether they are returning to us, as well as the projects they are carrying out, from re-upholstery of a sentimental chair to a restoration of a lounge or a whole home interior design project. We are finding that our customers are placed across the UK in the main and they are wanting to spend more time at home. People these days are also more aware of creating a sense of wellbeing in their homes as well as wanting a sense of luxury. More of us are also now more mindful than ever of sustainability.

Elegant Lounge Scheme

We’re all spending an increasing amount of time at home compared to a few years ago, whether it be working in a home office, exercising or ‘home hobbies’. We’ve seen many more clients wanting to create a separate reading area for offices and wanting that perfect reading chair as well as comfortable and sometimes quirky office chairs – just to make working from home more enjoyable. Our customers are certainly wanting good quality upholstery that will last for years. 

Occasional Chair in Bold Fabric design

Trend Vs Instinct for your Interiors Style

Décor trends come and go, but something I always recommend to clients is to trust in your instinct and buy what you like. It’s highly likely that you’re always drawn to the same sort of things and this will create a home that evolves and grows with you. For example, I’ve always been drawn to the same colours in my fabrics and by adding a range of textures, wall paint, flooring and lighting I can make my favourite things blend together well. I love collecting art too and this again is an example of buying what you love and not because it’s got exactly the same shade that’s in the curtains. 

Creating a home you love

There’s been a strong trend of grey for a good number of years and I’m so happy to see colour coming back (as well as mixing patterns). Mixing colour against an oatmeal neutral tone instead of grey neutral tone seems so much more uplifting and timeless to me. 

Paint inspiration
Neutral tones

Simply Updating your Home Décor

My ‘clipboard method’ is one that my friends mock me for, but it’s very effective when you’re wanting to just update your home. It’s worth taking your time to gather your thoughts, likes and possible changes you wish to make. You simply then walk around noting your changes on your clipboard – room by room. Eg Lounge: change all scatters, change coffee table for large footstool with decorative tray for drinks / flowers and add some interesting coffee table books, buy a new log basket. Bedroom: change bedside lamps for bold oversized ones, add some extra storage and remove clutter, buy a new throw for the bottom of a bed or even add a smart valance to the bed. This formalises your wishes, gets you to see your home as a whole and makes it more likely to be achieved. 

Fermoie Lampshades
GP & J Baker Fabric lay
Christopher Farr Cloth Cushions

Using Social Media to help look for Creative Interiors

More of our clients are reaching out to us because of social media, this is such an interesting area of growth. I often suggest using Pinterest to our clients that are starting afresh, it gives me a good idea as to what they’re drawn to and their inspirations. I am so inspired by social media and it’s interesting to see all the things that inspire me whether it’s family, home décor, antiques or travel – they’re all there in my home.

Sofa in Flying Ducks Velvet by Mulberry

Help with Interior Design

I hope this has been interesting and please feel free to contact me if you’re needing some help creating a space in your home. Whether that be an elegant lounge or a calming bedroom, or anything else and you’re just not sure where to start. It may even be that you need help deciding on paint colours to put through a new home entirely and this can be quite a daunting job – I’d be delighted to help.

Kate MacKenzie, The Original Chair Company

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