Grab Your Book And Curl Up In One Of These Comfy Reading Chairs

Grab Your Book And Curl Up In One Of These Comfy Reading Chairs

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After a busy day, there’s nothing like embracing a gentler pace of life.

A cosy reading corner with a comfy chair, stacks of books, and plenty of natural light will become a calm hideaway where you can steal a few precious moments to yourself with a cup of tea and a good book.

Our curated list of the cosiest, comfiest armchairs will help you create a cherished space that might become your favourite spot in the house!

Library Chair in Ian Mankin Newbury Hopsack

Leather Wingback chair

Refinement and luxury spring to mind when considering leather wingback chairs.

This striking George Wing Chair in elegant cognac leather features a flat-sprung seat with duck feather and down stuffing. Nailhead trim makes this chair a masculine addition to a lounge or study (or library, if you’re lucky enough to have one!).

The Jubilee Wing Chair could be a stylish and cozy companion to your latest read. Spend hours getting lost in this plush comfortable chair. Its size and matching footstool are inspired when it comes to lounges and bedrooms.

Large Stamford Wing Chair in Moon Leno

Library Lounge chair

The Library Chair design is inspired by an antique, therefore it’s a classic choice to pair with a classic novel.

Comfortable, deep-seated, and complementary to almost any room scheme, its the perfect reading chair for curling up by the fireside in winter.

Original Howard Chair

Combining heritage and elegance, the Howard Chair‘s curved back, low arms and deep seat will add character and comfort to your living room.

Most importantly, its generous seating allows for lengthy reading sessions. War & Peace, anyone?

Fireside lounge chair

When you imagine a cosy reading nook what do you picture?

A deep-seated, wingback chair with plenty of cushions, a fireplace, generous bookshelf and copious cups of tea probably spring to mind.

This Fireside Chair is a plush, cozy haven to curl up in after a long day and can be upholstered in a range of fabric.

Cavendish Wing Chair

The comfort and classic shape of a high wingback chair has never gone out of style in the UK. You see them everywhere, from cosy fireside nooks to chic offices, sporting a variety of colours and shapes.

The high back wing chair is an icon from the Middle Ages, and can yet be found sitting in modern homes as the ultimate reading chair.

Put a modern spin on the wingback chair with velvet fabric instead of leather for a reading nook so soft you’ll rush home to sink into its elegant luxury. This Cavendish Chair offers an iconic place to recline with a great book.

Retro Reader Chair

If your search for the ideal reading chair requires a nod to the past, what about a mid century modern design?

These reading chairs are an excellent choice for rooms with clean lines and muted tones. Wooden arms add an organic element to this lounge chair, which is a hallmark of mid century modern interior design.

Ergonomic and stylish, a Retro Chair upholstered in a vibrant graphic fabric will create a focal point for your reading area.

Accent chair

The Liberty Chair‘s bold pattern and scrolled arms make it an ideal accent chair for your reading room.

Accent chairs can liven up a neutral palette and add personality to any lounge or bedroom. Turned legs in solid wood or brass are extra details that make this an armchair you’ll sit in for a moment, then never want to leave!

Accent chairs can be decorated in any fabric you choose, from jewel-toned velvet to bold geometric patterns.

Liberty Chair

Reading nook window seat

For a different style of reading chair, a window seat is a sophisticated option.

Why pick a window seat over a chaise or small sofa? Well, in addition to making an elegant perch, window seats can double up as easy storage.

Otherwise, place your window seat at the foot of a bed for a handy spot to slip on shoes. Or you could use it to cram in a few more pages of your current read!

Stowe Knole chair

Whether you find your interior inspiration by exploring the ornate chambers of Britain’s stately homes or by curling up at home with an episode of Downton, you’ll have encountered the grandsire of the reading chair: the Stowe Knowle.

Hinged sides tied to wooden finials by fabric cords create the Knowle’s distinct silhouette. The high back and arms give extra support, while the modern introduction of deep-filled Qualofil cushions provides ultimate comfort.

Picture 11154

Chair and ottoman set

A place to sit and somewhere for your feet? A chair and matching ottoman will do the trick!

An upholstered chair and ottoman in matching fabric are supremely comfortable and stylish pieces of furniture fit for every lounge. Plus, your ottoman can double up as a space to rest an elegant tray.

To be truthful, sitting for long periods isn’t good for our health. True bookworms will therefore benefit from a footstool or ottoman that raises their legs and boosts circulation.

Velvet chaise

There’s nothing more decadent than a velvet chaise to relax on.

A chaise sits somewhere between a bed and a sofa, and allows you to recline comfortably. Popularly associated with French boudoirs, the earliest chaise dates to around 3000BC.

Today the chaise longue makes an elegant accent chair in a bedroom. Covered in silken velvet, we can see the chaise doubling up as a decadent but practical reading chair. Scatter cushions and a soft throw to keep you cozy will complete the look.

Rocking chairs

A rocking chair might seem old-fashioned but is a classic for a reason.

Rocking chairs increase blood flow around the body and can help ease arthritis, which is helpful if you find yourself engrossed in a story.

Rocking chairs now come in a variety of shapes and styles, from mid century modern and rattan to opulent velvet Be sure to place a beautiful pillow or cushion at your back for extra support.

Reading Chair FAQs

For more tips on creating a cosy reader’s hideaway here are answers to some frequently asked questions about reading chairs.

What makes a good reading chair?

A comfortable reading chair is an appealing place to spend a winter night or recline on when the sun’s shining. The best reading nooks tempt you to linger for hours and forget the world!
When selecting the best reading chairs, there are many essential attributes to keep in mind.
A good reading chair will provide a blend of comfort and support. A high back will support your neck and spine. For additional comfort, opt for Qualofil fibre or FeatherLuxe seat cushion.
Size is important. A wide chair will dominate a room, and while comfy it’s important to ensure that an armchair works with the dimensions of existing furniture. However, an oversized chair is perfect if you plan on sharing your reading chair will a small child or affectionate pet.
Fabric is also a key consideration. Neutrals fabric in a natural material like linen is a failsafe. You can then easily add personality with cushions. On the other hand, a bold pattern or colour will add a pop of brightness to a dark nook.

How reading chairs can breathe new life into your home?

Breathe new life into your home by picking an impressive reading chair in a striking design.
This one piece of furniture will add character to a living area, particualarly if you opt for an older design like the Stowe Knole or Howard Chair.
Play with pattern, texture and contrasting piping. Illuminate your reader’s oasis with a standing lamp and decorate with chic shelving to draw focus to a neglected area in your home.

What is the best type of chair for a bedroom?

Accent chairs make an excellent addition to a room and if produced with neutral fabrics will work well with all decors.
For small bedrooms, try an armchair with slimmer proportions. If you’re blessed with large windows a window seat or chaise upholstered in rich velvet would be a beautiful addition to your boudoir.

What is an Alice chair?

An Alice chair is perfect for your bedroom. Small but perfectly formed, Alice chairs work well in a pair or as a single reading chair.

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