Ritz Sofa

Ritz Sofa

The Ritz Sofa, very elegant with simple lines and a smart wooden plinth around bottom edge. A coil and tension sprung seat with duck feather and down seat and back cushions provide a very comfortable sofa.

Custom make this sofa in your choice of fabric to create the perfect Ritz Sofa for your home.

Available to purchase now, we have a 2.5 seater Ritz Sofa in our showroom, please click here for more information.

Please note the price shown does not include the cost of your chosen fabric.


  • Wood Finish
  • Plinth Colour
  • Cushion Filling
2 Seater Sofa W 155cm x H 104cm x D 99cm13.5 m Plain 16.0 m Pattern£2660
2.5 Seater Sofa W 185cm x H 104cm x D 99cm15.0 m Plain 17.5 m Pattern£2995
3 Seater Sofa W 226cm x H 104cm x D 99cm18.5 m Plain, 20.0 m Pattern£3440
Chair W 81cm x H 104cm x D 99cm9.0 m Plain 10.0 m Pattern£1755

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