Elise Sofa

Elise Sofa

The Elise Sofa, a most beautiful sofa with a superb level of comfort. The Elise features a coil and tension sprung seat with duck and feather and down seat and back cushions.

Matching footstool available.

Custom make this sofa in your choice of fabric to create the perfect Elise Sofa for your home.

Please note the price shown does not include the cost of your chosen fabric.


  • Wood Finish
  • Castor Colour
  • Cushion filling


2 Seater Sofa W 170cm x H 89cm x D 102cm13.0 m Plain 14.0 m Pattern£2905
3 Seater Sofa W 203cm x H 89cm x D 102cm15.5 m Plain 19.5 m Pattern£3440
Chair W 86cm x H 89cm x D 102cm9.6 m Plain 10.0 m Pattern£1830

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