Bar Stools to Modernise your Dining Space

Bar Stools to Modernise your Dining Space

Interior Design by The Original Chair Company

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Looking for a modern addition to your kitchen or breakfast bar? With a vastly growing popularity, bar stools are the latest and greatest addition to only the most stylish and contemporary dining spaces.

The History of the Bar Stool

Dating back to the Ancient Egyptians, the humble stool was originally reserved for artisans crafting their work. Only those with a heightened status would have access to seating options, with the wealthier the individual having the taller and more ornate chair.

Thousands of years later, stools were immortalised during the Italian Renaissance period, where furniture became elaborately detailed ornaments, best used to reflect one’s wealth and propriety within society. Stools were adorned with velvet cushions and elaborate woodwork, reflecting the art style of the period.

Nowadays, stools have evolved into various shapes and styles. Popularised in 50s diners and public houses, bar stools are now a common staple in modern homes.

From industrial, metal legs to faux leather seating options, the bar stool has a multitude of different colours and seat material on offer, making them a great feature piece to your kitchen or dining area.

Bar Stools in your Home

Not sure where a bar stool fits in your home? Check out our top three best placements.

Breakfast Bar Stools

Premium at home kitchens today often include a feature kitchen island or breakfast bar area. These are optimum areas for the addition of a bar stool as they are small, space saving and come in a multitude of colours and styles to ensure they fit cohesively with the colour and design of the kitchen space.

With swivel and static options, these variable chairs present the perfect seating option for any home.

Eclipse Bar Stool

Dining Room Bar Stools

Still an ever popular choice for dining rooms, bar stools offer the variability of seating options with the added benefit of being able to tuck them away under your dining table, making them the perfect choice for smaller dining areas.

Most stools also offer adjustable height and backrest options, giving your more comfort without compromising on style.

Home Bar Stools

If you are lucky enough to have an at home bar in your home, the addition of a selection of bar stools will elevate the space from a simple bar to an elegant seating area everyone at your dinner parties will be dying to visit.

The Bar Stool Aesthetic

With a multitude of colours and materials available, from rustic wooden charm to modern metal magic, there is a bar chair to fit every home.

Industrial Bar Stools

Characterised by their metal accents and simple design, an industrial bar stool will elevate your kitchen environment from dull to designer. Be sure to match your metals with your cupboard door handles and kitchen wear for an additional modern feel.

Industrial bar stools are often black, silver or copper with a wooden accent. This simple colour scheme makes them perfect for kitchen spaces with monochromatic colour schemes or with a singular bright pop of colour.

Our Eclipse Bar Stools

Featuring stunning polished tapered legs and stretchers with the addition of a chrome footrest, our Eclipse Bar Stool will enhance any breakfast bar.

We hand stud the legs of these chairs for an added element of luxury.

Our Eclipse Bar Stool can be customised to suit any interior space. Discover our range of fabrics to compliment your home, in a variety of colours and patterns.

We also have a large selection of wood options available to complete your piece. From deep, rich mahoganies to a beautiful light beech, there is a wood to suit every room.

Eclipse Bar stool

Leather Bar Stools

Looking to add an extra element of luxury to your dining area? Leather dining chairs are a great option for those with a flair for all things fancy. What’s more, leather chairs have the added benefit of being completely wipeable, perfect for homes with little people!

We think our Spencer Bar Chair is the perfect framework for a stunning bespoke leather bar stool. We’re envisioning a white leather with beech wood, but we’ll leave the details to you.

The Original Chair Company use Crest Leather for all of our bespoke chairs. Crest Leather are a leading supplier of leather materials for upholstery companies like ours. With tanneries in Italy and Brazil, their leather is of the highest quality which gives our upholstered pieces their signature class.

Available in a variety of colours and finishes, there is a leather option to suit every home.

Need some advice on what finish you think would best suit your space? Get in touch with our Interior Design experts.

Spencer Bar Stool

Rustic Bar Stools

Echoing the feel of era’s gone by, we love the cosy, simple feel these bar chairs convey.

Rustic bar stools are usually wooden with simple features and an often textured finish, making them the perfect choice for those with a farmhouse style kitchen.

Choose from a variety of woods to find the perfect colour for your home. Although usually made completely from wood, simple metal legs can also be used for a more industrial, modern feel.

Our Milan Bar Stools

Similar to our Eclipse Bar Stool, our Milan Bar Stools are available in a multitude of fabrics, colours and wooden finishes.

However the additional selling point of the Milan is it’s added arm rests, giving the user supreme comfort usually only found in an armchair.

The Eclipse also features a chrome footrest making it truly the only option for those who desire both style and comfort.

Milan Bar Stool

Not sure which bar chairs would best suit your space?

Struggling to choose which aesthetic is best suited to your home?

Not sure which shape of chair would compliment your existing tables?

Let The Original Chair Company assist you with The Room Scheme Project.

The Room Scheme Project

Maybe there’s a room in your house that isn’t speaking to you yet. Or its puzzling proportions put you off decorating. You might know what you want but not how to achieve it.

Creating a cohesive, harmonious room you want to spend time in takes skill and thought, and there’s always the fear of making expensive mistakes.

That’s where we can help.

The Room Scheme Project is our latest triumph at The Original Chair Company. It’s our intuitive, in-depth interior design service, and you get free access when you buy our bespoke upholstered furniture or fabric.

We want to help you create a beautiful room that will sit comfortably in your home for many years.

Our design team have an expert knowledge of space, the importance of lighting for mood and how to layer colours, patterns and textiles. We’ll evaluate your living space and create a sophisticated and cohesive room scheme centred around your unique lifestyle, personality, and taste.

We also pride ourselves on finding unique ways to incorporate your treasured items – from antique pieces of furniture to architecturally inspired contemporary pieces.

By encompassing all soft furnishings, blinds and curtains we will ensure a timeless finish for your room.

Get in touch to find out more.

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