Andrew Martin Truman – A Family Friendly Sofa

Andrew Martin Truman – A Family Friendly Sofa

There’s plenty room to recline on our bespoke Andrew Martin Truman sofa. Whether its Friday film night or friends coming over, this L shaped corner sofa fits like a dream

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The Andrew Martin Truman Sofa

There’s plenty room to recline on our bespoke Andrew Martin Truman sofa.

Whether its Friday film night or friends coming over, this L shaped corner sofa fits like a dream.

Its sectional style means you can configure it any way you wish. It’s a practical, stylish solution for large families.

Oversized, squishy cushions provide next-level comfort with deep seats you’ll just want to sink into and never leave.

Tailor to your aesthetic with a variety of styles and configurations.

An Andrew Martin leather sofa in tan

Easy to keep clean and even easier on the eyes.

Cool Corner Sofas

A modern design in contemporary dove grey linen.

Our Andrew Martin Sofa Range

What makes an Andrew Martin Sofa so special?

Known as the Indian Jones of interior design, the Andrew Martin brand evokes the romance of travel. With an “urge to elude the ordinary” Andrew Martin has been providing furniture and accessories for the intrepid at heart since 1978. Here at The Original Chair Company, we have a boutique collection of Andrew Martin furniture and accessories. From headboards to decorative trays and stylish scatter pillows, the Andrew Martin range has plenty options for those who like to be stylishly different.

We provide two styles of bespoke Andrew Martin sofas in our UK showroom:

Andrew Martin Truman Large Sofa

Andrew Martin Truman Junior Sofa

Both options are sectional for a sumptuous sofa tailored to your space. Made with triple-layered feather and down mix cushions for the ultimate ‘sink-in’ experience. Upholster in your choice of fabric. Ready in 6-8 weeks.

Immediate delivery options for your Andrew Martin Sofa

Want your Truman sofa right away? If you can’t wait 6-8 weeks, both corner sofas are available in four standard fabric options which are normally in stock and ready for delivery.

  • White Linen
  • Grey Linen
  • Hedgerow Linen
  • Villendry Peregrine

Fabric samples are available on request.

Why choose a corner sofa?

Corner sofas are distinctly contemporary and the perfect fit for modern families.

An L shaped corner sofa means maximum floor space, which gives the kids room to play. Alternatively, freestanding will create an impressive focal point within a larger living area. For narrow or smaller living rooms try the Andrew Martin Truman Junior Sofa. If you’re blessed with space, then the Andrew Martin Truman Large Sofa can help your living room feel more cosy and functional.

Pile on extra cushions for extra style and snuggle-ability. We love this matching Andrew Martin Savannah Paradise Cushion.

The best sofa for children?

When looking for children’s furniture you’ll have different ideas than your little ones as to the ideal sofa!

A children’s mini sofa might seem cute but consider cost per playtime. When buying furniture with kids in mind, you need a build study enough to withstand bouncing, a versatile shape to fit a smaller sized room and a durable fabric that makes life easier when it comes to scuffs, spillages and stains. That’s why the Andrew Martin Junior Truman sofa is a practical option for young families. It’s built to last by quality craftspeople, can be upholstered in a fabric of your choice and the shape is completely customisable – it’s like playing with Lego!

Plus, extra big, super-soft cushions make excellent pillow forts.

What is the best sofa fabric for kids?

When choosing a children’s sofa, it’s wise to take spills and sticky hands into consideration.

The Andrew Martin Junior Truman is British made, reliably built and can be customised in a fabric of your choice.

Leather is durable and wipe clean. Look for a pigmented leather which will be more resistant to scuffs. Canvas is also easy to clean and care for.

We recommend choosing a darker material over Arctic white to get more wear out of your corner sofa.

And steer clear of velvet, silk and chenille. These delicate fabrics are less likely to withstand the chaos of tiny humans.

Both of our Andrew Martin sofas are a luxuriant and practical furniture solution for big families who want to spend time together. Flop down with the kids after a long week of work and school and relax with room to spare.

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