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Beech frames

Our sofas are built using beech frames. There are many benefits to using beech, here are some them that are important to us; it is relatively easy to work against the grain and this makes it very favourable especially for curved pieces because of its relatively malleable qualities. It's a very hard wearing wood which can take a lot of pressure over time, so perfect for sofas that will get a lot of use and or required to last a very long time. Frames that are made of beech tend to be very durable and stands up to bearing weight or receiving high impact force. Beech frames can be reupholstered many times over. All of the above makes beech the perfect option for us as it means our sofas will stand the tests of time and this investment in organic materials will add value to a room.

Getting furniture through tight spaces can be overcome as each piece is a bespoke manufacture we can make high quality bolt together frames. This is very useful when making large traditional furniture fit into cottages with small passageways.


We feel to make our sofas as comfortable as possible we combine using traditional methods with modern.

Springs are always necessary to provide optimum comfort and support and to help the life span of the interiors. Springs can be fully coiled or serpentine springs. Again where space allows fully coil springs are more desirable as this method offers more comfort and evens the weight distribution; this is the way our quality antique sofas would have been upholstered, so this is why we like to use these springs where possible.

The use of webbing only (ie no springs) is inferior and some lesser quality sofas may use this method. All of our backs and seats are sprung and webbing is only used on the insides of our arms.


Cushions can be feather or feather and down, the latter being more luxurious and comfortable. They need to be ‘plumped regularly' and can be heavy. We like the poly fibre filled cushions which offer the natural look of feather but no maintenance. They are super comfy too. All of our sofas come with this fibre filling as standard as it continues to be the most popular filling. We also offer a feather foam wrap filling which is like a feather duvet with a foam insert to give it shape and a fibre and feather mix.


The cost of a fabric, or how heavy or substantial it feels, does not indicate whether it will be suitable for upholstery. Fabric manufacturers suggest that a fabric is suitable for upholstery, by giving a rub test figure to show the durability of the fabric. Anything upwards of 21,000 rubs would suit a sofa. If these ratings are not shown on the pattern book, we would check with the manufacturer first. Always make sure fabrics have a rub test certificate.

Clients are very welcome to supply their own fabric, providing it meets the required fire regulations.

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